How to RUN HSRP on interfaces of a single router and utilize two links coming from a switch?

Scenario:  From live network

HSRP is running on different interfaces a single router (Generally: HSRP runs on two switches)


Example:    SWITCH =====================ROUTER


Router configuration:


ROUTER#sh run

int Gi0/0

standby 151 ip

standby 151 priority 105

standby 151 preempt

int Gi0/1

standby 152 ip

standby 152 priority 105

standby 152 preempt


ROUTER#sh standby br

P indicates configured to preempt.

Interface   Grp   Pri P    State     Active          Standby         Virtual IP

Gi0/0         151     105 P Active   local 

Gi0/1         152     105 P Active   local 



  1. Two groups formed: 151 and 152 for two interfaces of a router
  2. Both connected links are active in different groups



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