bgp enabling

Here, BGP enabling and peering process with peers, both are explained


1. How to enable BGP


router#conf t

router#router bgp <AS Number>


2. How to do the peering process

Explanation for Router, R1:

First two segments

Assigns ip to Loopback0 and Serial0/0

Third segment:

router bgp 100

/Syntax to enable bgp: router bgp AS number/

no synchronization

/Given in bgp attributes section/

bgp log-neighbor-changes

neighbor remote-as 200

/ Syntax to explicitly define neighbor: neighbor <> remote-as <AS number> /

/ In bgp, neighbors have to be explicitly defined using above command. whereas in other protocols simple enable the protocol on required interfaces, then these interfaces become neighbors, there is no requirement of defining neighbor /

neighbor update-source loopback0

/ In bgp by default, neighbor ship is formed with physical interfaces.

Here for neighbor ship, virtual interface loopback0 is used. It has to be updated using above command/

Fourth Segment:

ip route

/ Before making bgp neighbor ship, route between two devices must be present in routing table

So, default route is configured /


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