Is Ether channel a layer 2 or layer 3 technology?


we can make both Layer 2 & Layer 3 Ether channel, depending on scenario



Can we make Ether channel between two different models of switches, example; 3550 & 1900 ?


we can make Ether channel between two different models, depends on Learning Method used by Device


Catalyst 3550 switch supports address learning by aggregate ports

Catalyst 1900 switch supports address learning by physical ports


When the link partner to the Catalyst 3550 switch is a physical learner, we recommend that you configure the switch as a physical-port learner by using the pagp learn-method physical-port interface configuration command

For more details, Reference Link


what is the default Port Priority in case of Pagp ?


Priority is 128, for all interfaces



What is the difference between Learning method & load balancing method ?


What are  the conditions, when Mode On, should be used or should not be used ?


ON mode without any negotiation between the device, simply assumes everything is fine in terms of negotiation parameters.

It forcefully creates Ether channel & start sending traffic over Ether channel.



Major problem is Loop creation between devices. If ON mode is used between two switches, then there might be the case that one switch ports are bundled in Ether channel, but  other switch ports are not bundled. They will start sending data as per their current situation as they have assumed everything is fine, it may create loop

So, ON mode is not recommended between switches



ON mode can be used between Switches & some other device(which is not a switch)

Example: Switch & Server, Switch & Router


Can we make Ether channel between route & switch, switch & server ?


Yes, we can make.


Can I bundle two different type of interface ex. a fastethernet with gigabitethernet?


What is the default Load balancing method & Negotiation protocol ?


Why port goes into suspended state & How to check if any port is in suspended state ?


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