We have to find out the port to which new device is connected. There is some confusion to find out the port, where we are making a connection.


Use Command:

switch#terminal monitor

This command can be implemented on all switch models


Now, simply plug & unplug the cable connected to the device. we will see the logs generated by itself, showing the particular port on which this activity has been done



In Cisco Nexus




Nexus 6K1 (contains two modules, SUP card & I/O module of ports with 10Gig capacity)

N6K1# sh mod

Mod Ports Module-Type                         Model                 Status

1   48   Norcal 64 Supervisor               N6K-C6001-64P-SUP     active *

2   4     Nexus 4xQSFP Ethernet Module       N6K-C6001-M4Q         ok




Nexus 6K1 is connected to four switches, 2K (Model: 2248) (also called Fabric Extender) to extend the I/O ports of 6K1. 2k switches can be accessed & managed by connected Nexus, 6K switches.

N6K1# sh fex

FEX         FEX           FEX                       FEX

Number   Description     State           Model           Serial

101         FEX101               Online   N2K-C2248TP-E-1GE   SSI17300716

103         FEX103               Online   N2K-C2248TP-E-1GE   SSI17260ECL

105         FEX105               Online   N2K-C2248TP-E-1GE   SSI172708KT

107         FEX107               Online   N2K-C2248TP-E-1GE   SSI17340DAM



In this problem is, we are connecting to the 10Gig  ports os the Nexus 6k1 switch

Ideally, the connection should be made on the ports of the connected 2K switches


So to find out, where we are making the connection, we applied the

command: switch# terminal monitor

& found we are connecting on Nexus 6K1, which is not required

So, finally disconnected & connected to the Nexus 2k switch ports & received logs as per connection made, as monitor terminal command has been enabled. That’s how, we confirmed the right port.



Server is not able to communicate with the Switch


Troubleshooting Steps

Take the server ip

On Switch, apply command: sh ip arp <server ip> ,  to  learn MAC address of switch from connected Switch port.

If you are not getting MAC address from above command, It means there is some issue


Now, We need to find out the exact switch port, where server is connected.

So, apply command:  switch#terminal monitor

& Plug/Unplug the server end cable, now switch will show logs of required Switch port


On Switch port, check if there is some error

Another option, change the cable


One more option, change connection to another port of switch & configure new switch port as required




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