we have taken the remote access to the device & Field Technician is at the actual site


On switch, use command : terminal monitor on. To run this command,  it is not required to go into configuration mode. Using this command, we can receive the logs for any of the state change of the ports by itself.


Then, ask Field Engineer to connect the laptop on switch port. You will get the logs of the switch port where host is connected. So, switch port is confirmed, where Laptop is connected. By this, any mismatch in connection can be avoided.


Now, give IP & Default gateway to laptop, Example: Vlan 10 assigned subnet is
Give any ip in subnet to laptop like & Default gateway as


Configure switch port as per above mentioned subnet,


Use command: sh ip arp <Laptop ip> &  check if switch is able to learn MAC Address of Laptop


Router#show ip arp
Protocol  Address   Age(min)  Hardware Addr  Type   Interface
Internet 9   0000.0c59.f892 ARPA   Ethernet0/0


If switch is not able to get MAC address of Laptop, Then check connected cable, switch port status, Laptop configuration


If switch is able to learn MAC address, then use command : sh int summary, this is to confirm if traffic is actually passing between switch port & Host. This is a sort of final confirmation

" Example "
Router# show interfaces summary
Interface          IHQ   IQD  OHQ   OQD  RXBS RXPS  TXBS TXPS  TRTL 
FastEthernet0/0       0     0    0     0     11236    0     23849    0   0

This shows traffic is running fine.

” It has been proved that, there is no issue in communication between Switch & Host “







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