Here, Queries related to Inventory is given , which needs to be answered at the time of handover of any new project


Does Inventory includes all the remote sites and Data center. Is this the complete network inventory sheet which we have to support ?


Which contract # to be referred for the devices where the contract numbers are missing. Contract number should be available for every device ?


What is the support scope associated with the different service levels?

Means support is 24X7  or 24X5  or something else


Which date should be considered as last support date?

What is the action plan for the devices for which the support date and status is already expired to or is about to get expired in near future?
Whom to be contacted in case of device malfunction which is not in support any longer


Do we have spare parts available for all the devices at each site. What all are the details for Spare devices available & whom to contact to get Spare devices ?

Do we have OOB (Out Of Band) connectivity for all the critical devices ?
what are the addresses and contacts of all sites including remote sites, local support, users, phone no. ?


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