***What is different b/w Layer 3 switch and Multilayer switch????***

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    • Sameer Banerjee A multilayer switch can have ports configured as layer 2 or layer 3. And is capable of routing packets between networks (VLANs). A layer 3 switch is basically a router (albilty to have very fast and with a bunch of ports).
      layer 3 means its capable of routing between vlans and able to join eigrp, rip and things. you can make any of the ports on the switch a routed port. this means you can use a layer3 switch exclusively as a router if you wanted to.
      Vishnu V Nair Multilayer switch can make decisions based on all layers., ie upto layer 7..,but layer 3 switch is like a router with More ports..
      Usman Shahid Any one brief it more easily plz
      Lovkesh Wadhwa Layer 3 Switch doesn’t have any WAN ports for serial link
      Kamal Bawa Sumit Sharma What’s your opinion on this?
      Sumit Sharma Briefly, As per my understanding
      ==> Switch was invented to work on Layer 2 only, based on MAC address
      ==> Whereas, Router was invented to work on Layer 3
      ==> Now, as we all know, switches can work on Layer 2 or Layer 3 very normally
      Apart from that, depending on what kind of feature we are utilizing on switch,
      we can have switch working on different layers, till Layer 7.
      So, conclusion is, now switch can work on all the layers, not only on Layer 2.
      So, Layer 3 switch is also a type of Multilayer switch
      Lets wait for more inputs .. too ..
      Shah Mohammad lets see some more feedback
    • Sumit Sharma
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