Hi experts,

What would be the possible reason for not getting complete throughput on a link?

Scenario:- I have a 144 Mbps circuit but able to use 4 Mbps of it only.

Note-Port setting, policy setting and cabling has been already verified.

will appreciate your helps on it.


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  • Manjunath S Chickmath check the Quality of service (QOS) provided by Service provider or check on different port if that helps..
  • Sarvesh Dubey Hi Manjunath S Chickmath thanks for the reply, can you please share the way to check QOS on juniper router……..by the way the links belong to service provider itself for DCN , so As per my understanding QOS wouldn’t be an issue here
  • Munnawar Shaikh Can you post the configuration
  • Bharat Jaiswal is it abt wireless…?
  • Debu Chakrabarty Contact ISP for polished speed
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  • Sarvesh Dubey Hi Munnawar Shaikh I will post the configuration by today EOD, Bharat Jaiswal it is wire-line not wireless, Debu Chakrabarty this link is bening use for DCN to mange optical nodes of a service provider, policy on the router applied for this link is of 144Mbps only.
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  • Manish Yadav Refer data sheet of router and check router supports how much bandwidth capability overall.
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    • Sampath Kumar Dude remove the ISP cable from your switch put it directly to ur PC. configure static ip with the public provided by the ISP, now check the Bandwidth speed if u r getting 4MBPS only give a hard kick to isp provider. If you r getting the full bandwidth in your PC, then case1: any huge downloads may be going on, try to find in that way. case2: QOS policy is done on router or firewall to check that go through the running config of entire router(by using “|” (pipe symbl) may reduce ur burden). if qos is enabled remove it.
    • Manish Yadav for eg the router has capability of 160Mb . On router one 80 Mb link is terminated (i.e;occupied) and also other parameters consume bandwidth like hello,encryption,etc. remained with 40% of 160MB.
    • Manish Yadav Also check with ISP (end to end including third party vendor of ISP ) for B/W capping (rate-limit on router and MUX)
    • Abdul Wahid 1st check what is with isp is policy configured for 144. and informed to isp test link on ethernet tester, how much throughput you are getting. you will get 100% result.
    • Sumit Sharma Sarvesh Dubey .. Good to c u .. !!
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    • Sumit Sharma Little Probing I will do. ( 1) first confirm if at PE end, capping is actually done for 144. ( 2 ) If things are OK at ISP, we need to verify from our end if we are getting the committed speed, for testing I recommend do not check live traffic or some download which will obviously do not show the actual bandwidth. Go for some third party software which pushes traffic to the maximum limit on the link, which is equal to bandwidth of link.

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                               Sumit Sharma
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