hai everyone…
I’m confused with layer 2 broadcast and layer 3 broadcast…can u plz xplain with real scenario …thank in advance…

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    Yogesh Kokadwar Bhai mere layer 2 broadcast hota he Lekin layer 3 multicast hota he normally
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    Muhammad Khan layer 3 b.cast
    ff:ff:ff:ff:ff layer 2 b.cast..
    In simple words
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    Binoj Sasidharan Layer 2 broadcasts are sent to the broadcast mac address ffff:ffff:ffff if ethernet and so can be received by any device in the same broadcast domain . Layer 3 broadcasts are sent to the broadcast network address, which for an ip network of would be If the IP network was over ethernet, a layer 3 broadcast would also result in a layer 2 broadcast
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      Abhi Singh Broadcast frames usually have a hosts MAC/IP address in the SA field.
      An example of a layer 2 broadcast is an ARP Request.
      in an ARP request Host A [IP= MAC=AA:B2.CD] knows the destination IP I want [], but do not know the destination MAC address, so it is a unicast L3/broadcast L2.
      Frame [dMAC=ff:ff:ff][sMAC=AA:B2:CD][dIP=][sIP=][PDU]
      An example of a layer 3 broadcast is DHCP DISCOVER. My host knows its own MAC but doesn’t know my IP, I don’t know the destination IP or MAC so is broadcast L3 and broadcast L2
      Frame [dMAC=ff:ff:ff][sMAC=AA:B2:CD][dIP=][sIP=][PDU]
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      Abhi Singh Please advise Sumit Sharma Sir…
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      Abhi Singh Need your input here…
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      Sumit Sharma LAYER 2 BROADCAST
      ==> broadcast L2 frame has the dst MAC set to ff-ff-ff-ff-ff-ff.
      ==> Means broadcast will be done in a particular subnet only.
      So, Broadcast will stay inside the boundary of a single network or single subnet, where broadcast originated





  1. Hello Sumit sir..How r u ?

    I have one doubt..

    We have HP device in our network… Device is reachable. ICMP enabled. We can also see the mac-address of device. But we are unable to take telnet/SSH session of device. Even telnet is enable on the device. but right now, unable to take telnet seesion. What is the cause/problem for that.


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