1. Contact Details of different departments, after leaving organization.
  2. Make sure to timely get Approvals mandatory for getting Relieving letter at right time, as per company process.
  3. Apply claims pending: Transport, Mobile Claim, Any other allowance.
  4. Provisional Full & Final settlement.
  5. Verify hold amount during notice period with the Provisional Full & Final statement.
  6. Download Last 6 Months salary slip.
  7. Download current company’s Offer Letter received at the time of joining, for future reference.
  8. Download Form 16 for future reference.
  9. PF transfer form, verify PF transfer process & PF withdrawal process.Verify if there is any deduction in PF, if withdrawn.
  10. PF statement download
  11. Download Relieving Letter & Experience Letter.
  12. Keep Snapshots of approvals given by different departments.
  13. Keep all the e-mail communications done during Exit process, for future reference.

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